Principal’s key project experience:

1988 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Peoria Illinois.USA Care, Custody and Control of 65MW, Start-up and combustion services. Fuel: natural gas turbine.
1990 Ames City Iowa – Campus plant University of Iowa (Ames), USA – Care Custody and Control of 98MW coal-fired. Combustion and start-up services.
2012 Phnom Penh Power Company – Delivered Grid Impact Assessment to local IPP developer and then designed fast reacting Biomass Integrated Gasification – Combined Cycle Gas turbine power plant for project developer. Produced extensive Feasibility Study for the 110MW plant.
2013 Cambodia Feedstock Plantation – Designed the implementation plan for delivery of stable black biomass fuel to local power plant. Plan included a 225,000 ton/year capacity torrefaction plant. Produced extensive Feasibility Study for the 10,000 hectare (gross) biofarm.
1990 Blue Diamond Foods – San Joaquin valley, California, USA, 4.5MW biomass-to-electricity (single-cycle). Nut shell fired. Care, Custody and Control; combustion, refractory and start-up services.
2002 Caterpillar - Energy specialist for local palm co-operative improving on energy supply for palm processing, Honduras. Adapting Engines (Caterpillar 3412) for the use of RDB oil as source for power, adapting burner system to run on CPO for producing refined palm oil. Design of biodiesel facility on site and improvement of heat use in autoclaves.  
1991-2009 Erheim. Service drying installation, pelletizing equipment. 
2008-2011 Vietnam – Business development, documentation (Information Memorandum) and capital raising for an Australian public company’s foray into large-scale ‘contract farming’ of energy biomass in Vietnam.
1988 Bethlehem Steel - Sparrows Point Maryland, USA. Coke production. Care, Custody and Control; combustion, refractory and start-up services of two batteries. The full plant produces 1 million tons per year.
1989-2009 Hartog. Integration/Automation of drying of biomass installation fed by coal/natural gas/ bio-oil and 2x Jenbacher 320 model generators. Dried materials ranging from grass from fresh cut till left over wood chips for use ranging to fodder to energy generation. Drying capacity of 53m3/hour.  
2003-2010 Gota Verde Co-operator EU sponsored project Gota Verde for the erection of a energy producing co-operative for subsistence farmers in Yoro, Honduras for the production of a) biodiesel from 1200 ha Jatropha, 800 ha castor, Sesame seeds. Use of biomass residues in local constructed gasifying application for powering 20 kw aggregate running the bio-diesel facilities.
2011 GIZ (formerly GTZ) – Ninh Thuan, Vietnam. Program for rural poor and ethnic minorities in the sustainable production of biomass for energy. Developed a project for GIZ funding that addresses biomass for energy production.
1989 International Paper – Columbus, North Carolina, USA. 5MW biomass-to-electricity, waste product from paper process fired (single cycle). Combustion, refractory and start-up services.
1990 Lagaven Petroleum Company – Punto Fijo Venezuela.  Main Catalytic Cracking Reactor. Care, Custody and Control; combustion, refractory and start-up services – fuel production for refinery power plant; Heavy distillates, gasification/gas turbines. Current plant – 30MW. 
1992-1999 M.A.N. Design, implementation and service for Master controller for power generating devices ranging from 6 cyl. M.A.N. At 85 kW till Jenbacher 316, 1.4 MW generator sets. Integration of power generating devices into existing infrastructures. Fuel ranging from NG/(bio-)diesel and landfill gas. Combined installed power around 500x200 kW, 10 MW
2008-2011 National Steering Committee on Biofuel Development - Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Ha Noi, Vietnam , Offer policy advice and solutions to the two key ministries on how to reach the targets set by the Prime Ministry in Decree No 177/2007/QĐ-TTg commanding the ministries to ‘master the production of oils seeds for biofuel’.
2006-2010 Philippines - Operator greenhouse power plant including 2x250 kW generator set, dual fuel with syngas produced from weeds and greenhouse residues (running time 500 hrs). Installation of internal design complemented with biodiesel production facility of 2000 liter a day biodiesel equipment. Several experiments conducted to prove viability of operation on several types of biomass, ranging from waste cooking oil to wood residues municipalities
1985-1989 (Royal) Shell Laboratories Amsterdam, Material research refinery equipment. How to process ancient biomass and the effects on material using the products. 
1989 Schuylkill Resources Inc. Pennsylvania, USA. (ARIPPA Sustaining Member Plant) utilizes circulating fluidized bed (CFB) technology and “coal refuse” (a very low BTU fossil fuel) as a primary fuel source (single cycle). 80MW; rehabilitated 4,500 acres. Combustion, refractory and start-up services
1989-1990 US Steel – Gary Indiana. Coke production - Combustion, refractory and start-up services, 5 million tons per year. Blast Furnace Stoves – 3X38MWth. Combustion, refractory and start-up services.
2008 Caraga, Philippines - One of the largest wood processors in the Caraga region is currently dumping all its wood waste, enough for 10 MWe. At the same time the electrical distribution company ANECO is trying to source at least 10 MWe of renewable energy from its franchise area. Delivered solution of connecting both industries.
2008 Philippines - Design backup power for data-centre with maximum usage of 55 MW of power. Dual fuel engines fed by syngas generated from residues of 400 ha greenhouse area.