Vision Energy Group’s Principals

Mr. Courey - Chairman Profile

Mr. Courey was educated in Montreal Canada where he earned diplomas in Engineering (McGill University), Chartered Accounting (Concordia University), Finance (Concordia University), Economics and transportation planning (University du Quebec a Montreal).
He has designed unique proprietary software tools for life-cycle costing and financial architecture models related to infrastructure projects and Public Private Partnership structures. He has been acting as Chairman and CEO of the Group since its inception.
Prior to founding Vision Transportation Group in 1992 Mr. Courey worked in public accountancy with some of the largest auditing groups and served 8 years as director general of large Canadian Public Transportation authorities responsible for public transportation services in the Greater Montreal area.
Mr. Courey is a recognized and respected world leading structure finance specialist regularly providing advisory services to major financial institutions on complex structure finance transactions.  

Mr. Jamey Hadden - Founder

Mr. Hadden holds a degree in Economics from his home state school - the University of Kentucky - and an International MBA from the Moore School of Business in the USA.
Mr. Hadden began his working career with the global combustion engineering company, Hotwork, Inc., taking ‘care, custody and control’ of refractory dry-out and start-up procedures in some of the world’s largest industrial complexes. Amongst other installations, Mr. Hadden worked on some of industries’ first commercial biomass-to-electricity power plants during the 1980s, including facilities owned by ADM, International Paper and Blue Diamond Foods.
For the last twenty years Mr. Hadden has owned and managed ‘start-up’ operations in sun-rise industries from Hong Kong to Argentina. Initially, Mr. Hadden developed businesses in the nascent private international telecommunications industry, first with AT&T and then with several of his own vehicles including Technology Control Services and TeleSol.

During the last decade, Mr. Hadden’s focus has returned to energy, chiefly in the ‘clean energy’ sectors. Currently living in Cambodia, Mr. Hadden is a partner and sits on the Board of VTG Power Cambodia and is also a founding owner of both Green Energy Biomass J.S.C. (Vietnam) and Asia Biomass & Electric, Ltd (Hong Kong).
Mr. Hadden is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, sits on the Vietnamese National Biofuels Plan Steering Committee and spends a good deal of time speaking globally on sustainable investment and related ‘green’ energy issues such as climate change mitigation and poverty alleviation.


Recent Word-Wide Appearances
World Biomass Power Markets, Amsterdam (2013)
Power Summit, Ha Noi, (2011)
SE Asia Private Equity Conference, HCMC (2011).
Clean Power Conference, Bangkok (2011)
Terrapin Investment Summit, HCMC, (2011)
Indochina Power Venue, Ha Noi (2011)
Biofuels Market Asia, Jakarta (2009)
FAO Land Tenure Forum, London (2010)
Vietnam Oil and Gas and Power Conference, Ha Noi, (2011)
ADB Inclusive Business Forum, Manila (2012)
Climate Change PPPs, Ha Noi (2008)
Jatropha World, Hamburg (2009)
FAO Sustainable Bioenergy Symposium, Bangkok (2011)
Korea-ASEAN Business Forum for Green Growth, Seoul, (2009)
RSB Consultation Version Zero, Kuala Lumpur, (2009)


Mr. Ger Groeneveld (Ir.) – Applied Physicist and Chief Engineer

VTG Power’s Physical Plant Manager and lead engineer - a Dutch national with degrees in Technical Physics, Special Material Science and Informatics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.
Ger has been working in the energy sector since the 1980s when he started his career with Shell Laboratories in Amsterdam.
As a material scientist in 1986, Mr. Groeneveld conducted non-destructive testing research of refinery equipment. From 1989 and onwards industrial automation equipments in complicated process installations with the energy saving and energy use optimization of equipment as the main target.
Mr. Groeneveld possesses strong industrial experience with various energy systems and for the past decade; working in South East Asia on a number of biomass power plant projects. 
As a practical man, Ger has taken his nose out of the books many times to construct and test ideas in the field. By doing so he has collected a wealth on information on technology and alternative sources of energy by practical experience.