Vision Transportation Group (VTG)
Canadian-based Vision Transportation Group (VTG) is a master developer of infrastructure projects specializing in the development and implementation under models of private investment (PI) and public private partnership (PPP).
Since 1992 VTG has been involved in more than 165 major infrastructure projects in 42 different countries. VTG has contributed to financial close of more than US$35 billion of successful projects and is a full member of the prestigious UITP where it is listed in the €100 million p.a. turnover category.

Over the past 22 years Vision Transportation Group has specialized in the development and implementation of major infrastructure projects under Public Private Partnership framework. The 15 private companies part of the VTG are owned and managed by Mr. Courey who acts as Chairman and CEO.
VTG has corporate presence in Montreal, Moscow, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Astana, Madrid, Dubai, Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City.

Through its network, and that of its affiliates, VTG has access to a team of infrastructure professionals in all fields related to the design, finance and implementation of infrastructure projects from transportation, industrialized agriculture to power generation.
Vision Energy Group (VEG)
As part of VTG, Vision Energy Group, LLC (VEG) is the corporate vehicle to consolidate all its energy infrastructure projects. In September 2013, VEG negotiated a majority equity position in Asia Biomass & Electric, combining VTG’s balance sheet strength and structured finance closing skills with AB&E’s industry presence and technical experience.
VEG is a company dedicated to the pursuit of clean power projects in South East Asia. With strong technical capabilities, Vision Energy Group is a promoter of leading clean fuel production and generation technologies (even in unstable grids); technologies such as utility-scale biomass torrefaction and Integrated Gasification Combined-cycle Gas Turbines (IG-CCGT).

All energy project’s Special Purpose Entities  are held by Vision Energy Group, itself structured under Vision Transportation Group.

VEG’s US$1.33 billion project pipeline portfolio is currently under development in Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Russia and Cambodia.