Vision Energy Group

Vision Energy Group (VGE) is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) company dedicated to the pursuit of clean power generation projects in South East Asia.

VGE lends its global industry presence and its local insight to its growing list of clients seeking entry or partners in South East Asia power markets.

Due to its unique experiences across multiple disciplines, VGE delivers value to clients/partners from project identification to financial close to implementation; with short development cycle timelines.

With strong technical capabilities, VGE is a promoter of leading clean fuel production and generation technologies even in unstable grids; technologies such as utility-scale biomass torrefaction and Integrated Gasification Combined-cycle Gas Turbines (IG-CCGT).



Vision Energy is now deploying its first utility-scale torrefaction facility in South East Asia for dedicated supply of the FSC-certified renewable fuel Biocoal.

VEG Biocoal will be available under long-term contracts (multi-year) of FOB/CIF price per metric ton, adjusted yearly to the applicable CPI index for delivery to all major Asian markets from proprietary Vision Energy bio-farms in SE Asia.

Vision Energy’s torrefied black biomass has a guaranteed LHV of 22MJ/kg, low ash content, densified as per required by the customer and does not require extensive modification to existing boilers, grinding mills, gasifiers or material handling facilities currently using coal (including outdoor storage).



VEG Chairman Mr. Richard Courey and VEG President Jamey Hadden will be attending the Argus biomass event in London on the 14th through 16th of April 2015. We look forward to visiting again with all our biomass colleagues and stakeholders.